how can I build a questionnaire that will generate a report based on the responses?

Greetings everyone! :) I am an absolute beginner and I really want to make an application using mendix to achieve this: Step 1: the user enters personal information such as:        – first and last name        – what organization they are apart of Step 2: then on another page they selected from a list what sort of path they are on:        - ex: selecting: married or single etc. It can only be one answer for this Step 3: another selection but this time a multi-selection/they can have more than one answer  - ex: User is a fan of literature, cinema, music but does not select architecture or painting. Step 4: display the information that they entered for confirmation. I want my app to then independently display recommendations based on their inputs. Is this possible? I believe that Steps 1 – 4 can be done using a data collection tool, but I am not sure how to do the results generation part of this. I am totally so new and am really stuck so I am open to all recommendations/suggestions. Thanks in advance.  
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Best tip: Always first search if someone else has already built it. So go to and search for ‘Base application’ and download it. Select ‘New Mendix Server’ and a location on your disk. There you go. Step 1 is ready :-) Have a look around the application, add some persons, useraccounts, maybe a company. Get acquainted with it.

Now in StudioPro in your new app, in the top right click on the shopping cart and now search for Questionnaire and download that one. Wow, 45 errors!! Never mind, go to

Rename Atlas_Core to Atlas_UI_Resources, click ‘Continue’. Only 3 errors left. Rename Atlas_UI_Resources back to Atlas_Core.


Now go to

Open Page_Edit_Phone and go to its properties and set the ‘General’ stuff to:

Now for the last error: delete the Content at the top of the page. And you’re don…..o crap, 16 new errors. Still with me? These errors can easily get resolved by rightclicking on any of them and select ‘Update all...’

now follow the documentation in the Readme-snippet:


Do not modify this module, instead
1. Add the module role Administrator to the user roles that need to configure questionnaires.
2. Add the module role User to the user roles that need to conduct questionnaires.
3. Add the snippets ConfigurationsSnippet, Publications_AdminSnippet, Publications_PhoneSnippet, and PublicationsSnippet to your custom page(s) in a custom module.

Probably a lot more then you bargained for. Good luck and have fun.