Mendix in a micro frontend environment/use case?

We want to use the default Mendix UI (w/ custom styling of course) in a micro frontend environment/use case. (Currently single-spa ( is our framework of choice.) To properly perform the integration we would need to add some custom code to the “mxclientsystem” (especially mxui.js) which is part of the runtime. If I’m not mistaken that is unfortunately (currently?) not available in source code. So my questions would be… Has anyone done something similar (used Mendix in a micro frontend environment)? Used Mendix in an iframe? (Yeah, proper configuration done and it works. But I wonder if there are some pitfalls(*) we should be aware of. Because iframe would be our workaround for now regarding micro frontend.) Is there maybe some hook into “mxclientsystem” which could help and we are not aware of?   Thanks, Dietmar (*) Besides iframes issue in general and mobile phones. So especially regarding Mendix and iframes.
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Not exactly microservices, but there is the module NativeRest in the appstore, making client-side Javascript rest-calls available.