Intermediate Developer Certification

Hi All ,  Do we have any practice exams available online for an Intermediate Developer ? Thanks in advance.    
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No, I searched a lot and asked a lot of people, but the answer, I got was no. However, if you know the topics well, you shouldn’t worry about it, since the questions are very practical and you have time to find the answers directly in the StudioPro. Most of the answers can be found in real time by checking StudioPro or even the Mendix documentation. However, you need to be aware of all the topics so that you can at least do 50% of the questions without referring anything. That way, you will have plenty of time to address the remaining 50% questions, which actually would be very tricky and don’t answer them based on just gut feel, try it quickly in Studio pro and then answer. The passing criteria is 75% so it can be very tricky and a lot of people don’t clear in the first attempt, as they take it casually. So study well and answer with caution.

But, the answer to your main question still remains NO