Unable select attribute for dropdown

I am getting data from APIs and I am storing that data using import mapping in non-persistable entity. Now what i need to do is I want the names from that API data into my dropdown widget. For this I use dropdown menu inside a dataview (which call a mciroflow that return the API data) now if I need to use the name in textbox it is showing the attributes to select   But if i do the same for dropbox then it does not show any such attributes to select: Now what I want that all the asset type name from need to show in a dropdown widgets
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What I see in your screenshots is that you have a dataview which shows AssetType, which has 1 attribute Name

If you want to have a dropdown with all names, you need to put those names in a separate entity (f.e. Asset) with a name attribute and that will allow you to use a dropdown widget where you set the association between your main entity (assetType) and the name entity (Asset).