how to get remaining field values based on one field value is enumeration of same entity

  I am using a Data view to get data of entity in that there is enumeration type attributes so I am using dropdowns. But my question is how to get remaining field values based on one field value is enumeration of same entity(from database). example:-  there are 5 attributes like plant(enumeration like 2003,2004,2005), Product name(string), Timepoint(enumeration like 1month,2month..),stabilitycondition(enumeration) and batch_no(enumeration) so, now for --2004(plant) , Product name(abcd),    Timepoint(3months),    stability_condition(abcd),   batch_no(c000319) (this is one record) I want when I select plant-2004 remaining field like timepoint should show only 3months from dropdown to select  and batch_no should show only c000319 from dropdown and if I create new record in that if I select timepoint 1month and batch_no  as c000318 with plant -2004  then when I search with 2004(plant) then I should be able to select both 3months, 1month  for dropdown and batch_no as c000319 ,c000318 from dropdown  and in same way when I select plant-2003 remaining field like timepoint , batch_no  should shown only data based on records in dropdown and based on plant selection remaining field should work. so, can some one help me with this please
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Good afternoon Pranaya,

It’s still a little unclear as to what you are attempting to do here.

Correct me if I am wrong, but are you attempting to limit the

  1. options of the remaining fields (attributes)?
  2. which fields are visible after selecting from the drop down?


If it is ‘a’ what are these attributes? – types (string, integer, etc)

If it is ‘b’ then I would recommend using visibilty conditions. Making the fields that are required to be filled in say for option 1 only visible if 1 is selected.

Hope this helps, otherwise, please could you shed some more light on what you are attempting to do.


Ok, I think I understand, the format of your response is just a little bit difficult to read through.

What I think you are attempting to do it limit an enum drop down.

If that is the case you will need to get the module ‘EnumSelector’ and figure out how to use it.

This module allows you to show enum values for selection based on other parameters.


Hi Pranya,

I have tried to understand your requirements and since you are trying to limit the options for Product, Time, Stability and Batch based on the value of Plant, you need to use ReferenceSelector widget for these fields and put the constraint based on the plant.



I think you have datagrid of an entity and you have default filters.

If yes, this is not possible. You cannot restrict ENUM values based on another ENUM.

How do you filter Timepoint based on Plant when you are creating that entity?


this is the domain model

on page I am using data view with entity and calling microflow 


and show page


my requirement is when I select plant , according to based on plant I want remaining field value should only show in dropdown to select, not all records data present in dropdown.