Can Web and Native mobile can share same data model?

Hello, We are having a web application developed in the project. Now we want to create a Native mobile application for the same web application with limited features. Is it possible to share the data model between web and Native and use already existing microflows created for web application? Our web data model is having persistable entities, but Native mobiles was not supporting it while we are trying to invoke the microflow. From the documentation we got to know the below 4.1.1 Microflow Arguments Type Passing an object or a list of a persistable entity is not supported Passing an object or a list of a non-persistable entity that has an association with a persistable entity is not supported (such an association can be an indirect association) Passing a non-persistable entity that was created in another microflow is not supported   So only option is to recreate the same data model with non-persistable and use it? If we have two data models for web and mobile, will they be in sync? Also if there is a change in future in the data model, it should be applied both the models. Also we are maintaining master data (region, country, location etc) from the web module which are persistable. Is the same tables can be used in the Native web for accessing data, if not, what should be the right approach? Anyone can help us with how the architecture should be for an application with web and Native mobile (We also have workflow capabilities). Thanks in Advance!!
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I’m looking for the same information. It would be nice to know if there’s a process to convert native responsive apps to native mobile apps.

Also interested in the idea if it’s possible to create a responsive profile for user management/administration in a native mobile app while using the native mobile app for the application for end users itself within the same domain model