OPC UA Over VPN-Tunnel

Hi, I Am working on a project where the OPC UA Server (Phoenix contact AXC 1050 PLC) is connected to a Sierra RV50 router with a M2M Sim-Card (Router 1). The OPC UA Client is a laptop with TIA Portal WinCC professional on a office-network (Router 2). So I know that I Should put the IP "opc.tcp://name:Port" of the PLC (OPC UA Server) in the "OPC UA Discovery URL" in TIA Portal Scada (OPC UA Client.) But this won't work because the PLC is on another network.  I found something that it should be possible to connect the 2 networks with a VPN-Tunnel.  But now my question is,  Is it possible to send and receive data over a VPN Tunnel with OPC UA? Hope to receive a reaction. Thanks in advance! Joost
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OPC uses regular TCP connections which use normal DNS and IP routing you see with https. That means if you are looking to connect to a system (opc or any http) you need to make sure you use a dns or ip-address that resolves to the server via the vpn.

How to do this depends on many factors but there is nothing mendix or opc specific about this. You need to make sure the DNS of your OPC server gets pushed from the VPN server to your laptop, or you need to use the IP address of the OPC UA server to connect (however I expect your OPC server to only accept connections via DNS).
Ask your IT team or google for the software you use and figure out how to setup DNS on client side or to enable DNS forwarding.