Validation feedback from a Java action

Hi, Im trying to create a Java action that can do a validation feedback, given a Entity and AttributeName. I have tried to use the DataValidationInfo class and .addErrorField(MemberName, Message), but it won't be shown on screen. I think I'm missing something ;-) // .... DataValidationInfo dvi = new DataValidationInfo(Entity.getId().toLong()); dvi.addErrorField(this.AttributeName, "Oops!"); // .... How do I do this? So just a custom version of the existing “show Validation message” action.  
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You need to look at addDataValidationFeedback in the Core API.,java.util.Map)

Mina covered this as part of his talk on Creating and Debugging Java actions at this years Mendix World. Here's a link to the session, it’s worth a watch.

Hope this helps.