Where is Mendix Form data stored

Hi, I have developed a mendix app where there is form now i have deployed my app ,so where will be mendix form data stored.
2 answers

This depends where and how you run the app

  1. Local deployment
    1. Default: HSQL DB
    2. Configurable: Postgress, SQL, etc
  2. Mx cloud
    1. Postgress database => connecting with other database/datawarehouse = through Mx runtime. not directly on database
  3. on-premise/AWS/…
    1. Whatever you configure within limits of database optional types.


One thing need to be taken into account; THE database directly consumed by the Mendix app is 100% controlled by Mendix and thus directly connecting with an existing database, with an existing table definition and existing data cannot be used as THE database for the Mendix app. You can integrate with these existing databases with API or Database connector


When you deploy your app on cloud, Mendix stores the data in its internal Postgres database. When you run it locally, it stores in local  flat file database called HSQLDB