Three Years, Two Months, One Week and a Day

Local disk contains EXACT mirror copies of a PURE NATIVE proof of concept project in two different directories for Studio Pro 9.4.0 The original named directory with suffix “- main” fails to “run” “locally” giving multiple errors regarding dup jar versions, and after weeks of attempting to find the right combo of jar versions still results in failure or an error box with absolutely no meaningful information.  Did this, did that, did practically everything-componenet version management internal and external, clean/rebuild, uninstall/reinstall, backup (commit)/restore (download from server), eclipse logs, and the list goes on and on and on.   The duplicate project directory, copied via Windows Explorer ending with “-Working Version” has absolutely no issues to “RUN”  on the  “Make It Native App” for testing, loading, and executing as exptected without a red screen of death either. I’ve let this post sit as a draft for over a week to calm my frustration and to bite my toungue off.    
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