How to know if a microflow has been triggered from a native client // vs mobile browser?

Dear all, We are trying to implement some microflow logic where we would like to know if a request had been made from a native client, or a webapp client. Current, when using the global “currentDeviceType”, no difference is made in that variable between native mobile and web mobile → in both cases, the value is “Phone”. We would like to differentiate between Native and Web in the following flow:     We'd love your suggestions. Some additional limitations: adding an input parameter would mean refactoring 100s of elements. no javascript actions available here (MF), and we cannot embed this flow easily in a Nanoflow (With parameter), as per reason above. Is there a Java method available to check requester device type? Any other ideas?   Wouter Penris
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Pretty difficult question because due to privacy reasons, it’s not that easy to determine whether the end-user is accessing through the Native app or via the Web version. When I google for a custom JS action to check whether it’s a browser or not, the answers are pretty straight forward:

javascript - Device/Browser Registration - Stack Overflow

php - How to detect if user is using an app or browser to access my site? - Stack Overflow

You can however develop 2 different profiles in Mendix. When you can determine which profile the end-user accesses, you can log that (end-user, profile, timing) and verify the timings with your microflow (end-user, timing).

I hope this helps you.

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