How can I make a log info when user login

Hi,  I’m using the default login page. Now I need record the user’s login time, login name .etc when the user succeed login.  I can find the login.html in theme folder, but can’t find the place can be controled in code.  Could you  guide me where I can add a after-login microflow or any way can do this?
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Hi, Mendix already does this in the logs. See below for example

Why do you want to re-engineer this?

INFO - WebUI: Login FAILED: invalid password for user 'user1' (1 failed login).
INFO - WebUI: Login OK: user 'user1' (Number of concurrent sessions: 7).

I dont see a need for redeveloping this. OR are you trying to achieve something else?


I am certain that in the past Mendix used to log each user login in the logfile by default. I am surprised that Mendix does not do that anymore.

Anyway, the only way i can think of the restore this behaviour is using custom after sign in logic: 

It will work, but somehow i feel there should be a better solution. Anyone else with a better idea?


Hi guys, 

I added a microflow on the Default Home Page to resove this problem temporarily. Thank you!