Email Template HTML.

I wrote a HTML code for some e-mail templates but it's not working the way I want to. I inserted the code under Email Templates, HTML tab And selected the "Copy from html text” When I send the e-mail it doesn't give this e-mail styling, but it shows the whole HTML code. See the example below. When I delete my own HTML styling, and use the menu of the HTML tab, it works fine. But these tools are not enough to style our e-mails. We need to insert font-family, background color, tables etc. Does someone know what I am doing wrong?   Thank you in advance! :)
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You can place a text area widget next to ck editor, in that you can edit you HTML code.


If you’re really looking towards e-mailtemplating, maybe a SendGrid integration can be of good use. With a free account, you can already get quite far! I don’t think the current HTML-styling editor foreseen in Mendix will get you as far as you’d like … But in case I’m wrong: do prove me wrong :)