Excel Importer

Hi, I am getting console error while creating new template from Excel file using excel importer. 
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Stuck in java-errors you often get a lot of text and no help at all. Retrace your steps, undoing what you did last. If that does not help, start over step by step re-creating the Excel import template.


Looks like incompatible jar file for the excel importer. I could only answer based on some assumptions. But to be precise, need some more information like list of jar’s in your project library

- Apache POI jar is already included in the list of jar files

- When adding Excel Importer, it might have added another Apache POI

- But the jar file with exact method with in the class that is required for Excel importer is not loaded in the runtime resulting in NoSuchMethodError.

- Check your userlib folder for ‘poi’ jars. If you find more than one, then you might have to delete unwanted jars

- Or alternatively you can try to lower version of ExcelImporter that is compatible with your available jar


Make sure your file values are consistent with the fields you’re mapping to


for example: if you’re mapping a decimal value like 1.2 to an integer field.