Direct Debit/Recurring payment Processing

Has anyone had experience with integrating Mendix into a Direct Debit recurring payment processor in the UK. We are looking at two solutions currently SmartDebit ( and GoCardless ( Both of these seem to have API's which can be used to build a connector using Rest or SOAP services. However I haven't been able to find anyone or anything on the appstore that is similar. Regards Simon
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Hi Simon / Savan,

Yes, we did integrate using smart debit for direct debit recurring payments for one of our customers. They have API's for the different actions below;

1. Create direct debit instructions (DDI)

2. Cancel DDI

3. Update DDI

4. Validate DD details

5. For different reports such as DD collection (successful and failed), ADDAC, ARUDD, AUDDIS etc. 

We faced some issues using smart debits as thier API's where not that mature but they where very supportive to update thier API's based on our feedback and helped to fix issues that we facedd. At the end we maanged to implement this successfully. 

If you need more details then please feel free to give me a call or drop an email.



Mohammed Siddiqui