Excel Importer List is Out of Order when in Dev Env

When developing in a local env, the excel list is pulled from the database and is imported in order when the microflow is run (e.g. from the first row to the las row in the proper order and results in the proper output seen below:       When pushed to the dev/test environment, the data is imported out of order. This occurs directly when the list is pulled from the database in the microflow, resulting in improper calculations:     Unfortunately, the calculation depend on the proper ordering of the input data as each outflow is calculated based on the row directly below it. Therefore if the ordering is incorrect, the calculations are incorrect.   The test environment is identical to the local environment and reflects the most recent commit. I’m completely unsure as to why this could be happening.   Has anyone run into a similar issue before? I’d be glad to provide more information if necessary, as this has been occurring for some time now and we cannot come up with a solution.
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