Creating local backup and restoring it to the cloud - Acceptance

Hi Everyone,  I have downloaded our Acceptance environment “database only” and have cleaned up a few entries. I would now like to create a backup file in pgAdmin to upload back into our Acceptance environment. Is it possible to create a “database only” upload and restore from this? If so, how can this be done? Thank you.
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In pgadmin, rightclick the name of you database and in the contextmenu that shows up, select ‘Backup’. That will export the data to a file. This is “database only” by definition, since you have created it using a “database only” download.

Then go to your project in sprintr and click “Backup”. Then click “Upload Backup” and select your file. Pretty sure it will get accepted as a valid file for restore as long as you have only removed objects.

Mind you: if you cleaned up objects the refer to filedocuments, those filedocuments will become orphans that will keep taking up space on your storage.

See for more info: