Tree View widget not refreshing when adding object

Hi everyone, I am using the latest version of the Tree View widget in my app. The data source for the nodes is set to a microflow that takes as input the object from the data view that I have added the widget to. The tree is loading correctly, however if I add a new object to the tree it does not appear. I create the new object in a microflow, and then open a pop-up. In that pop-up I use a ‘save changes’ button. If I edit an existing node (e.g. change its name) it refreshes the name of the existing node. I have configured the widget to load the whole tree, and to use the option ‘Node – parent’ as the relation type. Refreshing (commit in a microflow) of the input object for the data source microflow didn't help. Any ideas why my new objects are not appearing, or how I can force a refresh of the tree? Thanks! Andrew
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I am not familiar with the Tree View widget, but what you can do:

Instead of a commit only, you can use a Change Object action with both Commit and Refresh in client enabled.

Also, you can try a Change Object with Refresh in client enabled for the parent object.