how to show logged in username ?

I want to show a logged in user name in Header , how can we do that ?
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You might want to do this in a custom navigation layout rather than modifying the default navigation layout. So, before doing the steps mentioned above by Sufian:

  1. In the Project Explorer, go to App Store Modules > Atlas_UI_Resources > _Layouts. Right-click the Responsive folder and select Add other > Layout. Name it anything :Atlas_Custom_UserName. In the Properties pane, set the Master layout to Atlas_TopBar. This will make the navigation layout inherit from the Atlas_TopBar layout, saving you some work! Select the Scroll Container and in the Properties pane, set Scroll behavior to Full widget.

  2.  It’s not possible to add dynamic data directly to a navigation layout. However, if you use a snippet, in which you display the data, it is possible! 


If you need data from the Account instead of the user object, your datasource microflow should have an inheritance split to cast the CurrentUser to an account.

You should not retrieve the account from the database. You can do that, but it has a small performance impact that can be avoided.


Add a Dataview with source Microflow or nanoflow, in your microflow return object of type user and value $currentUser 

Inside the Dataview add Text with a token as {1} then replace it with the Name attribute.