Multi-Tenancy versus Separate Entity for a Multi-Company Setup

Hi, We have a requirement to create an App, which would be used by multiple companies (separate legal entities). We have two options: To create an App and build a Multi-Tenancy model (different database schema) Have a Separate Entity called company and build the entire Data model and Security around it. Would like to hear your recommendation. BTW, there is no hard legal challenges or issues, since all these companies will be part of a single group. Also, there is no need for data consolidation/aggregation of these companies in this App. Regards, Shekhar
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There is still a demo module about multi tenancy in the marketplace:

It's for Mx7 but it gives you a good idear on how to setup. We just have one tenant object that we connect to everything. Do note that mistakes can be made easily. So do use a module like the security inspector or Javascript to double check your model to see who can see and change what.





Hi Shekhar, we’ve implemented  the Multi-Tenancy module referenced earlier. It is operational in a production app. We had a few issues with it initially and if I recall there are still a couple lingering issues with a TenantAdmin role not having the proper access to edit TenantUser properties. We also customized the module as we had to handle the upgrade ourselves to 8.x and 9.x. It seems the module is maintained by Mendix so I’m not sure why its not regularly maintained. I would be interested in contributing to its for the benefit of the community since it really streamlines support for multi-tenancy within a single app runtime. Perhaps we can collaborate on bringing the module up to spec?