Is there a way on the Native app reload the app and stay on the same page instead of going towards the homepage?

So on the web we can just use the mx.reloadwithState() to make sure we stay on the same page. On the Native part we do not have this option. Is there an option to reload the page and stay on the same page on the Native part? We are doing a language change so we need to reload the app to make sure the changes got passed through, however we want to stay on the same page. Is there an JS function for this?
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I don't know what the context of your question is, but there is a difference in refreshing the entire app and refreshing a page. Reloading the  entire app is useful is you need to change language, switch light and darkmode, etc.. For a data refresh there is no need for an app reload.

  1. When you use mx.reload() the entire native app will reload, you will see your splashscreen and you will land on the homepage. You could however build logic in a datasource nanoflow of the homepage that will re-open the page where you triggered the reload from.
  2. If its not the entire app you wish to refresh but only the current page, a close and open action in a nanoflow will give the same result as a page refresh.
  3. A third option is to refresh the page parameter by committing the main object, which will refresh the data on the page.

I don’t know if I got it right about your question but you can tap on your screen with three fingers to reload the app and stay on the same page