Customized screen loader for better user experience

Hello everyone, Is there a way to customize the existing screen loading effect. Till what range can we do it. I have a few requirements to change the loading effect at different places in the application. Splash screen loader: When the platform loads – It generally loads displaying the application logo and the loading screen.      Indeterminant Time indicator: When a page takes less than 5 seconds time to load       Determinant time indicator: When a page takes more than 10 seconds to load     Skeleton screen: Data get displayed once the background of the page is loaded in a greyed color.       Have you ever, come across customizing the loading animation at different places in the application? Please let me know you have any suggestions on this.
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Hi Laxman Mylapilli,
you check your scss file/CSS file
.mx-progress class name you add any gif like Splash screen loader! 
until the data gets to display 
and have look on the bootstrap preloaders