Could not convert class android.os.UserHandle

Hello everyone! A little problem here, I’m trying to create an android native app. But when I try to execute it on my phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9) I see this message: I don’t know if someone can help me. ***a little clue: before creating the domain model I could deploy it on my phone perfectly. Thank you and best regards!
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Hi Alvaro,
did you try to delete and reinstall the app?
A few days ago I had problems with my native test app after making changes to the domain model. 
I don’t remember the error message, but deleting and reinstalling the app solved the problem.


same problem here with the redmi 9 pro, but reinstall doesnt work for me.

my device is on miui 12.5.1, make it native 9 is version 1.1.2 from 16.8.2021