Issue with the use of Association

Hello Community, I use Mendix Studio v9.2.0 (Template Version 5.0.4) and I have a problem with the “Retrieve Object” in a Microflow. The Problem is, if the Source for the Object is “By Association” I obtain the issue “An error Occured, please contact your system administrator” or the object is null. But if the source is “By Database” everything works fine. You will find below the screenshots to this issue. How can I fix the issue? Thanks for your support in advance and If you need more information, do not hestitate to contact me.   Best regards Andreas    
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Hi Andreas,
Can you put up the Error message from the Console or Log messages. 



The reason association is not working is, you must be calling the microflow from a null order (when the object has not been created) and hence not finding any order object to associate with from fetching the other details. When you are retrieving from database, it must be retrieving all the lines and hence your query might be working, but you must be getting incorrect results.

You share more details about from where are you calling this microflow and I can help you fix the issue


Hello Community,

thank you for your replys.

The error log displayed nothing but only warnings. The Apps runs fine.


My ERM looks like this:


And I use a button to call the microflow and the the button is in a Data Grid.


Hopefully it’s more clear and I guess it’s a thought mistake.


Best regards