Selected page should consist of data view

I am going through the rapid developer course and following each adn every step towards creating the LearnNow Training Management app. While linking the buttons , when i try creating object and linking to an entity it throws error. Error image is attached, please suggest what can be done here to counter this.
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Your button has ‘Create Object’ set to yes. This means that the clicking the button will do two things: Create an object of entity Course and show this object Course on the page you chose: Course_Overview. But that page has no page parameter for Course, but only a Datagrid that wants to show a list of Courses.

If your goal is to show one new Course and be able to edit its details: Solve this by selecting page Course_NewEdit instead.

If your goal is to show the list of Courses that are currently in your application: Solve this by switching “Create object” off