Push notification in mendix 9

Hi Team, I was able to successfully implement push notification in mendix version 8.18.7 using push notification connector. But when I tried the same in 9.0.5 mendix version I am getting error ‘ Firebase module is not available in your app.’ when the nanoflow ‘OnPageLoad_RegisterPushNotifications’ is called. Anyone has implemented push notification in mendix 9 using ‘push notification connector’ ? Regards, Megha
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I am sorry for the abrupt reply which is not really helpful to your question. I am a student who is doing an IOT project and I would love to implement push notification in native mobile. I am using a free version of Mendix 8.18.3. I am following links such as https://docs.mendix.com/howto/mobile/native-remote-notificationshttps://docs.mendix.com/howto/mobile/setting-up-native-push-notificationshttps://docs.mendix.com/howto/mobile/setting-up-google-firebase-cloud-messaging-server


I am pointing my Runtime URL to my free sandbox environment. and the android package name in firebase is the default name for app identifier given in my native mobile app builder. I am facing this problem where I am not seeing my device in the web responsive page even though I have opened the app in my phone. 


I am able to add the FCM configs locally, but it gives me an error when I run in the cloud. May I have some tips and guidance for this please? 


Hi Megha,

I had the same issue when using the Native Mobile Template app in Mx9.

When I tried to redownload the Push Notifications module in 9.2.0 it wouldn't let me because it was not available for this version.

Think this will be a support ticket to Mendix because the module has platform support.