Mendix Studio Pro not working properly on my system.

Hello Team ,  I have tried downloading Mendix studio pro and running the same on my local . There are multiple issues  I am facing lately . Once Modeller gets Installed , I click on the same to login , it does not allow me to add my credentials . Its more like the text boxes are visible but I cant to anything there .  I really in need of a word of Advice from Mendix experts , about what could be the possible reason of such issue. Do we need some licensing or , do we need to do some other installations explicitly or Is it due to some firewall issue ? Please suggest and if possible , provide me an installation and usage guide so that I can follow and go further . The one available on portal , I have already followed , but then there are some glitches , which are not allowing me to use Studio pro further .    Looking forward to Prompt Response .   
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This is a bug in Mendix Studio Pro, an interface issue, experienced on some versions of Windows. I know this was in some other forum-question a couple of days ago, where an answer mentioned that this is already on Mendix’ backlog to solve.

Meanwhile, this might be a workaround: before starting Mendix Studio Pro 9.2, first log in to or any other Mendix-site. If that does not help, first open a lower version of Mendix Studio Pro and log in. Good luck!