Assignment for university

Hi all I have a few problems with my mendix code for a assignment of a course. The image that are attached are the import mapping we used. The problem is that we do not get units at our properties of the activity types. The other problem is that it shows double property types at the properties. Can anyone help?   
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I'm not 100% sure what you are trying to achieve here, but you can keep the following in mind:

I see you are performing 2 REST calls, maybe this is why you get double data.

As for the units – I can see in your import mapping that the unit is not included. This either means that the attribute "Unit” is not included in the JSON, or that its not selected for the import mapping. If its not in the JSON you must add the attribute in there. After you've done that (or if its there already) you should select the attribute in your import mapping. You can do this by clicking "select elements” (see screenshot), select the attribute and map it to the attribute of the object you are importing. 



Again, not sure if this fully resolves all your problems but I hope it helps!