Functions call to Change Object member in microflow

I am stuck at Module 7 .4 – Create Expression to calculate end date - Rapid Developer course. There is a simple microflow to change value of a input widget named “End Date” based on the input value of another input widget “Start Date”. To do this i have to write an expression EndDate=StartDate+Duration to do this i am trying to use addDays($StartDate,$Duration) function. But in the Expression editor the ‘addDays()’ function is not showing up when pressed ctrl+space in suggestions dropdown and as a result i am unable to proceed. Please help.  Working on Mendix Studio
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Hello Dilip,

which activity are you trying to work with? I have tried with ‘Create object’ and ‘Change object’ and I see the function in both activities:

I don’t know if this can help you.

Best, Álvaro.