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Hi Experts, Recently I have successfully  completed my Rapid Developer Certification. I have planed to take up the mendix intermediate certification exam. Can somebody tell me that ,                                1) Is there any time limit and duration for the exam ( like in Advanced certification exam) ?                               2) Whether its a virtually proctored exam , which we should attend via video conference (like in advanced exam) ?                               3) It is stated that 50 MCQs based on pure theory but also practical scenarios, any sample ques or practical scenarios ? Thanks in Advance.                                                                         
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Hi Shalini,

i got this info from Academy support, hope this helps

Q: Is this certification is same like rapid developer one? Or we have proctor monitored examination and need to be in closed room? 
Ans : It is a proctored exam. You need to share access to your screen, and have camera on during the exam. 

Q: Do we have any interview for this exam along with multiple choice questions mentioned below? 
Ans: No, it’s just multiple-choice questions. In the beginning there is an introduction from the proctor, so it’s important to have microphone and camera set, but there is no score for that.

For time limit its i guess 2 hours, as the slot which is available its for 2 hours 



which certificate do you refer to? As far as I know there is no “Intermediate Certificate”.

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