Image Error !!urgent!!

I’ve been working on my App for a couple of days now. I’ve only had minor issues that used to solved itself.. I’ve been working with images throughout the whole App. They were always accepted by the system but suddenly the Check showed 103 errors that said “image has an unknown format”. I can’t get rid of the errors and I don’t get why the pictures used to work all the time but not not anymore… When I try to get rid of the errors, the page crashes and says “The selected document type can only be edited using Mendix Studio Pro”  developing the App is my university assignment and I’ve been working really hard to create this app.  Thank you in advance for any tips or solutions!   
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If you have commitly regularly/daily, which is recommended, revert/branch to the last commit that was working.


Or delete the images and import them again. If you use the same names they will be recognized in the app.