Multi-file download widget does not work.

Hi, I've tried the Multi-file-download widget to achieve multiple file downloads. However, it did not work with Mendix version 8 with the following client error. Is there a solution? obj.getGUID is not a function TypeError: obj.getGUID is not a function at http://localhost:8080/widgets/DownloadMultipleFiles/widget/DownloadMultipleFiles.js?637572003980422586:68:103 at Object.forEach (http://localhost:8080/mxclientsystem/mxui/mxui.js?637572003980422586:5:31063) at S.<computed>.E._startDownload (http://localhost:8080/widgets/DownloadMultipleFiles/widget/DownloadMultipleFiles.js?637572003980422586:61:23) at http://localhost:8080/mxclientsystem/mxui/mxui.js?637572003980422586:5:27280 at R (http://localhost:8080/mxclientsystem/mxui/mxui.js?637572003980422586:79:211864) at http://localhost:8080/mxclientsystem/mxui/mxui.js?637572003980422586:79:219042   solved on 2021-06-02 This error is caused by an implementation error on my part. The cause is that I was trying to download a file entity with empty contents (HasContents is False). It worked fine after I did an operation to create the content of the file, such as generating a file with Generate document.  
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Hi Kouga,

I developed the multi-file download widget and will look into this issue, thank you for reporting. I will keep you posted and update the widget in the marketplace if necessary. 

Kind regards,