Grid Cell Stlyer Error.

Hello! I am getting a “Cannot read property 'className' of null” error when trying to use the Grid Cell Styler widget from the app store. I have attached a screenshot of the format of my rules (all of them are like this, just referencing different columns). I am checking if "isLatest” attribute is set to true then apply background-color: green. Can anyone suggest , How to fix it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks & Regards Bhanu Chauhan
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Hi Bhanu,

For your rule, the column name is set incorrectly. You have to use this field on the column properties (double click the column in the datagrid to get to the properties).

Here is a test project too:

Hope this helps!


hi ,

Do you fixed this issue?  i have same problem with you , and i don’t know how to fix this .