Compilation of java action failed

Hi Team, I am doing 10th module from rapid developer crash course and facing issue like compilation of java action failed while executing program .In this project i have added OQL and Community commons module...please help to solve this issue.
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Can you try to Deploy for eclipse and then open the project in Eclipse?

Eclipse should show you where there are issues with java.

Unfortunately, Mendix sometimes has issues with Namings. If your Parameter has the same name as an entity, it is changing the attribute name in the java action but is not doing a full refactoring. Unfortunately, this is sometimes happening on a module after importing a whole different module.

That would be a starting point. But it may also be something different. You should check the java code.


Hi ketaki palande,

                            Try to clean your deployment directory which is there in Project navigations tab. And then try to run your application again. I hope it will help you !

For your reference :


The version of the OQL module on the App Store is missing opencsv-4.1.jar. You need to download this from the module’s github repository and put in your project’s userlib directory. That should fix the problem.

Good luck!