List view Paging and entity context?

I can’t figure out how to organize my page for it to be able to use the List view paging widget.    I have created the recommended PageContext entity but where should I place it in relation with the list view widget that I want to feed and in relation with the data view that holds the relevant context of said list view?   For instance: I have an entity called company and I want to display a listview of its employees. Traditionally, I’d place the employees list view within a data view of my company. Should I create relationships between these two and my (NPE?) PageContext entity so that I could fit it in-between? If not, how may I refer to the parent company in the workflow that has PageContext as input and Employees as output?
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Hiii Patrick, 

           For this you can use nesting data concept, which is mentioned in “Become a Rapid Developer” Learning Path.

           first you have to make association(Create a relation) between entities of Company and Employees because you have taken ListView inside DataView.