Native App Error

Hi all, I get this error when trying to run a native app locally. We are changing an existing app to use native, I’ve created a Native navigation profile and set up one page, just to make sure it can be accessed. However I get the following errors. I am running locally and using the Make it Native android app to access. Running 8.17.0.  Warning: %s: Error boundaries should implement getDerivedStateFromError(). In that method, return a state update to display an error message or fallback UI. _class4   Unexpected error occurred, please contact your system administrator. construct@[native code] _construct@ Wrapper@ construct@[native code] _createSuperInternal@ AssertionError@ SideBarStackNavigator@ SideBarNavigator@ App@ constructClassInstance@ updateClassComponent@ invokeGuardedCallbackImpl@ invokeGuardedCallback@ beginWork$$1@ performUnitOfWork@ workLoopSync@ renderRoot@ renderRoot@[native code] runRootCallback@ runRootCallback@[native code] unstable_runWithPriority@ flushSyncCallbackQueueImpl@ flushSyncCallbackQueue@ scheduleUpdateOnFiber@ enqueueSetState@ setState@ componentDidMount$@ tryCatch@ invoke@ tryCatch@ invoke@ tryCallOne@ _callTimer@ _callImmediatesPass@ callImmediates@ callImmediates@[native code] __callImmediates@ __guard@ flushedQueue@ flushedQueue@[native code] invokeCallbackAndReturnFlushedQueue@[native code]     I can’t view the errors behind as I can’t clear the error message with closing or restarting  
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Was anyone ever able to resolve this?