Auto login while accessing DeepLink

Hi Team,   I have a scenario, Where user has to be auto logged in (should not prompt login page) when accessing deeplink. In account entity I have created field called token. Deeplink will have username and token as parameter. I have created the microflow that validates token with username, but now I have stuck how to create login for corresponding user account. Can some one help on this part, how to create login with username and password values from account entity and proceed to next step in microflow.   Thanks & Regards, Balaji S
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You want to take a look at this module:

This gives you an idear on how to do the autologin. In the deeplink make sure you have something where you can identify which account it is. With that parameter create the autologin request and do the autologin.

Todo the rest of the deeplink is a bit tricky. You might need another deeplink for that. So retrieve the user, create another deeplink so that this user has a pending link and then do the autologin part so that this deeplinks get’s triggered.





Maybe the SAML module will be of use here? 

You can use it together with the deep link module: 

I hope this helps.