Extending built-in Glyphicons set with custom icons for Navigation menu purposes

Hi, I saw somebody ask about this in the forum: https://forum.mendix.com/link/questions/93359, however in the end there were still no definite answer from Mendix developer whether there will be a possibility for this feature in the future roadmap. Currently I am using version 8.18.1.   Just to be clear about the case: I want to add custom icons (svg) into the Glyphicons set that comes with Studio Pro. I want to select it for Navigation menu I want the custom icons to be treated as Glyphicon, Not Images. This also means that the end result of html code , it will Not be under <img> tag One of the reason of doing this, is because I want them to also have the .active style as the built-in glyphicons (such as different background colour)   So, is there an official way of doing this, or a neat way of doing this? Or maybe is there a way to reproduce the built-in Glyphicon set, so we can add our changes into it?
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No official and no neat way as off yet that I know off. Most solutions require additional Javascript and CSS hacks to get it to function like like default glyphicons. Which is frustrating.