Mendix File Manager widget distinguishing between file extensions .docx vs .DOCX

Hello, I want the user to only be able to upload certain file extensions. I manually add the extensions in the ‘Allowed extensions’ field in the default File Manager widget from Mendix. However, if the allowed extension is .docx and the user uploads a file with extension .DOCX, then it shows the validation message. Also tried adding .docx and . DOCX but Mendix just changed that to .docx. User generates the document (via a third party module) and it is automatically saved as .DOCX (fix is to change this to always be  .docx ) but this used to work prior to upgrade to Mx 8.17.0 ? Is this a bug?    
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In previous versions adding the file extension docx would allow you to upload files with the docx and DOCX extensions.

Seems to me that the case sensitivity has been broken in this newer release and as it is not possible to add both docx and DOCX according to your findings, I’d say this is a bug.