discard uncommitted changes in Mendix Studio (web)

Hi. I was studying the Rapid Developer course and right before getting to use Mendix Studio Pro I upgraded the app from 8.12.4 to 8.17.0 and upgraded Badge and ListViewControls widgets on the Widgets Overview page. These widgets upgrade was not committed automatically and is causing errors like:   Could not find widget 'Badge' in the 'widgets' directory. Could not find widget 'Progress circle' in the 'widgets' directory. Since then I went far ahead with Mendix Studio Pro and made multipple commits, but in Mendix Studio it still shows the old state of the project and the failed checks. I tried to create a new branch and click “Version Control”/“Manage Branch Lines”/”Enable for Mendix Studion”, but this always fails with: Could not enable the branch for Mendix Studio. Please try again in a few minutes. Looks like there’s a working copy with uncommitted changes on the developer portal and these changes prevent svn update. How to discard them?
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I managed to dump the conversation with repository.api.mendix.com

The server returns:

{"status":"failed","result":{"errorCode":"RS004","errorMessage":"Working copy is out of date with the Team Server branch."}}