Breakdown of disk usage

Is there a way to get a breakdown of what my disk usage is for my licensed app? I downloaded a backup of everything (files and data) and the size was 7.5GB.   Looking at the metrix page, the database table size has grown to roughly 100MB and the total DB disk usage is flat (roughly 1GB) for the quarter. I assume this 1gb IS JUST  the initial DB size and the utilization is only 1/10th of that. There are PDF’s and photos that are uploaded, which I assume make up the bulk of the rest of this 7.5GB but I have two questions Is there a way to verify how much space the file uploads are using? My app hasn’t been used for very long, It just seems unusual that we would have 6-7GB in uploads so quickly
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  1. There is currently no other option than to download the files and inspect the amount of data, from the portal. You could however build something with the use of the community commons module to find out information on the filesize. Have a look at the getfilesize action from community commons.
  2. To inspect the behaviour have a look at the trends in the first section on the external request: 

    Number of handled external requests to get an insight if this seems to be normal behaviour, because lots of files are being uploaded via the file requesthandler or that something else is going on.