Virtual Attributes- Excel Exporter

Hello— Can anyone help with this error message (“virtual attributes can’t be used...”)? What exactly is considered a virtual attribute? Virtual attributes were not used, so why isn’t this registering with the OQL? Thank you!!   Using version 8.16.0
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If you are exporting a list of values using Non persistable entity as a row object you will not be able to add it and this error will come. Associations in NP are only to client side and cannot be mapped and queried in background for export. A single NP without any associations will be possible to export. 


The best way is to use persistable entity to hold the values you need to export and delete after the process is done. 


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He Keara,

A few things, hope this helps :-)

  1. Am I right that a Customer has a reference to a Customer_Location? Multiple Customers can have a reference to the same Customer_Location?
  2. What is the base entity for the Excel Exporter configuration that gives troubles? Is that Customer_Location? If so, I don’t think you can select an attribute from Customer via a reference, as there can be many Customers associated with one Customer_Location. The other way around, would be possible, I expect: if the base entity is Customer, you can select the associated Customer_Location.




Customer Locations: