Microsoft integration - MSAL library

Hi experts Is there news on integrating Mendix as a platform with Microsoft services such as Sharepoint? Quite some customers are looking for this kind of integration. Authentication is preferred via thumbprint, another way is clientid and clientsecret (but is already advised not to use). In other programming languages, there is an MSAL-library available (JavaScript, C# ...): is this something that can be acquiered via Mendix? Do we have to re-invent the wheel by developing Mendix-blocks in Java? Is this on the road map? Are there work-arounds? Specific on this customer case: the Sharepoint team has already set up the construction of authentication via thumbprint. The customer wants to allow external end-users (business partners, customers, vendors) to a specific directory in his Sharepoint environment where they can read very specific files. This implies that the actual end-user is not known in the MS Azure AD. Thank you for your input!
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I haven’t seen the MSAL-libaray being used yet, but the open authentication module from the appstore allows you to authenticate with Azure. The module is currently used for the authentication of users on the Mendix app, but I’m sure the concepts can be re-used in your use case.

Have a look at the code in this module: