[Native] Client error: measureLayoutRelativeToContainingList threw an error

Hi all, Maybe someone can help me out. We have some native pages where there's a listview in a listview. When rendering the page (in MakeItNative app) a lot of client errors are shown in the console of Studio pro. Looks like an error per li. measureLayoutRelativeToContainingList threw an error value@ b@ k@ C@ N@ A@ z@ _e@ Ne@ Ue@ receiveEvent@ value@ value@ value@ value@[native code] I've found this topic https://github.com/software-mansion/react-native-gesture-handler/issues/707 but I'm not seeing any pointer on how to solve this in Mendix. How do you handle Listview in Listview in Native? Working on 8.14.1.
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React Native does not like nested scroll containers. You can use a listview as outermost list container. Then use my widget to nest another list in your listview items. It can render items vertically as well. It is no scroll container so you won't get the error.