Multiple orders on a detail page

Hello dear all, Im doing the following use case for a company in which on an overview page you see multiple production numbers. Then if you click on the details page I should be able to see the following. So far I had to do the following for my overview page: and when I click I get the details page I get the following:   Instead of showing two orders with the same order number on the overview I would like it to only show one order and show that it has maybe two objects with different priority on the priority box. Then when I open the details page I would like it to show all the different orders for the same production number. Could you please give me a tip on what should I do different? Thank you in advance
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Hi Daniel,

Good Day! To achieve this your Domain Model should look something like this.

Then in the overview page create a ListView and the source would be of the Production data from relevant source and within that a DataView with Order_Production_Active like below

In the Order Details Page with DataView of Production object context add a ListView with association Orders_Production

Hope this helps, good luck.