Multilingual app in Mendix 8.X

Hi,  I have an app that uses 2 languages for the moment, via the mendix translation functionnality, and that will use 4/5 languages at the end. What I need to do is to set the user’s language after arriving from a deeplink microflow that changes his language. I can see that the user’s language is well changed but the page always displays in the default one until we refresh it : As it is recommended here , we use a HTML/javascript snippet (both tested without success) in the page that do the mxReloadWithState(), allowing the page to refresh and so in the right user language. However, after refreshing, it goes right away to the home page (meaning the loginPage since my user is anonymous).  In Mendix 7.X, it worked perfectly. Would someone have a tip to make it work in 8.X version ? 
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