File Dropper Widget Error

Hi Forum,   I have been using the file dropper add-on widget to upload 10 files with a capacity of 1023 megabytes at the same time (3 files could be uploaded) and unfortunately  after about 30 mins of what I think is a session timeout I would get an error message stating the following: (Error saving files! Error: Request failed with status code 500).    Upon looking further at the log messages this is what I got:   2020-10-06T08: 20: 43.381366 [APP / PROC / WEB / 0] 2020/10/06 08:20:43 [crit] 255 # 0: * 4191 pwrite () "nginx / client_body_temp / 0000000049" failed (28) : No space left on device), client:, server: _, request: "POST / file? Guid = 41939771529888195 HTTP / 1.1", host: "xxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxx.xxxx", referrer: " https://xxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxx/p/home "   My results would vary with network speed however I was never able to upload all my files. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to resolve this issue?    I am using Mendix Version 8 if this helps      
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Dear Bs Support

Managing upload and distribute many large files on a Mendix system is not ideal. 

A way store outside the Mendix server is manage files are

Ideally upload direct to s3 signed URLs

Cheers, Andries