Object of type ... with guid ... cannot be updated, as it does not exist anymore in before commit

Something strange happens since migration to Mendix 8. I have a before commit microflow updating an entity. It closes normally, with the record with id ‘...’  existing and state ‘normal'. No other microflows are executed after this one. The form and log display the title error message on the same entity and the same id. Anybody an idea on what happened?  
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I have encountered these kind of problems. I have seen these kind of issues when working with multiple levels of submicroflows. Only last week I had one where I commit an object pass it to a submicroflow, do some validation where in one path the object needs to be again committed and then this error complaining that the object is not there anymore.

The right sollution would be to create a support ticket if you can reproduce the problem consistently. I could solve it by rebuilding parts in the parent microflow instead of the submicroflow. But with a before commit action you do not have that option.