Failed to commit because of autocommitted objects, only in production

Hi, I've just put a well-tested application live. In production we get this error (truncated): MicroflowException: Failed to commit at Event.AssetContainer_MoveConnectionsToRecoverySection (Commit : 'Commit 'Connections' ') ... Autocommitted objects detected at end of transaction for system session for entities: - Event.RecoverySection: 1 instances This does not happen on Test, Acceptance or locally (with databases that are nearly identical). Why just in production? This happens in a submicroflow that's eventually called by the Process Queue. I know this can happen when an EndTransaction is present without a StartTransaction, and this is the case. Refactoring that would be a major project. (Because it's a notification framework that has always worked and introducing StartTransaction actions actually causes new problems: subsequent EndTransaction actions loose their effect.) Any idea why this only happens in production or suggestions for next steps?
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I may have found a solution. The situation on Production is different because other users manipulate the data. The effect seems to be that the flow of execution changes (as modeled) and one more EndTransaction is executed.

I have removed superfluous EndTransaction actions. This seems to be the solution.