Run locally success but Run failed on cloud about calling python API from Java action

Hi experts, 3 weeks ago I asked the question: “Is it possible to call Python API function in Mendix Studio Pro”, now it is solved. I can run locally successful, with the search function I will get patent info from the server in patent company with Python API, and show the info in Mendix GUI normally, thanks to everybody for the help ! But if I run on cloud, the search function will be no useful, get nothing but show no error info. The search function is to call a microflow which calling java action, in the java I call the Python API which Patent company supplied,  get patent info and show it to the GUI with java code, everything is normal if I run locally, but it fails if I run on cloud, in fact, I can not find anything of error log . Could you please help to check it, thanks a lot! Below is the java code to call python : String s1 = "python"; String s2 = System.getProperty("user.dir") + "\\"; String s3 = "Keywords"; String[] arguments = new String[] {s1, s2, s3}; Process process = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(arguments);  
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